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Seekho helped me find an amazing opportunity at Seekify.
So many exciting opportunities on Seekho - Quizzes, Challenges, Internships, Content and what not. It is hard to find any other platform with such a wholesome experience.


Final Year Student, SRCC

I would recommend Seekho to all who want to learn new topics"
Two things that are really good things that I have noticed are - Firstly, it starts from the basics and goes on to cover advanced topics as well and Secondly it has hands-on approach.


Product Enthusiast

I can finally say bye to the boring online courses"
Thank god for Seekho! It is so surprising to see that 5 mins daily can help you learn so many amazing concepts out there.


Aspiring Marketer





Is becoming a Product Manager your Career Goal?

If you're an aspiring product manager, Seekho Select will help you level-up, skip the guesswork, and get second opinions from smart people. 

Our mentors and members represent the top product firms around the world. 

Exclusive Access to Online Community of Product Managers

  • Online Slack community to connect, chat, and learn for young product managers
  • Hundreds of conversations happen daily in channels like #pmcaseinterviews, #pmjobs, #pmresources, #casesolving, #ama, #events, #booksnippets
  • Join members from over 600+ of the world’s best startups and companies
  • Learn so much about product from ongoing conversations that your mind will explode

Learn from the Best

Weekly Case Challenges

  • Participate in Weekly Challenges with Community members and show off your Product Skills

Product Recruiting and Job Board

  • Most supportive community you’ll find during your product job search. 
  • Dozens of members have landed their product jobs after joining the community. Product job listings are actively posted every day. 
  • Community members help each other look over resumes, practice interviewing, and provide feedback on products, case studies, specs, etc. 
  • Community members can set times to practice PM case interviews with each other

Exclusive Access & Discounts

  • Members get exclusive access and discounts to product events, jobs, and resources

Virtual Meetups

  • Regularly organize meetups to get to know each other better, discuss their latest case problems, and share best practices and tactics

Free Guide to Cracking Product Management Interviews


Become a Select Member

Seekho Select is your personal training ground with accessible product mentors.
Together we'll help you learn faster and level up.

Seekho Select Membership costs


INR 99/-

 INR 999/-

Per Month Only

INR 99/-

 INR 999/-

Per Month Only

12 Featured Live Sessions Every Month

3 Sessions

AMA Sessions with Industry Experts

Skill of the Month - Product Whiteboarding

Product Concept Teardowns

Career Prep

3 Sessions

4 Sessions

2 Sessions

  • What is PM to customer psychology
  • Roadmapping to stakeholder management
  • And more
  • Product tools like Balsamiq
  • Product Frameworks - AAARR
  • And more
  • Meet PM's from different domains
  • Learn from their journey
  • And more
  • Product interview prep tips
  • Networking for Professional Growth
  • And more